5 stoneware explorations 'E4', 'E1', 'E2', 'E5', 'E3'

 being, effortless, silently aware, first nen from Buddhism.

When creating work in the Studies series, I leave the sculptural surface as raw as possible, allowing the viewer to complete the forms.  In the Presence series, I move the pieces beyond a simple clarification of the figure to a work with a highly resolved surface, keeping the form as clear, as full, and as subtle, as possible. 

Along this theme I have reworked each form in clay, further exploring the voids and the surfaces.  Ceramic explorations of Presence are described further in Void & Form.

Viewers discover personal titles.  Pieces are identified here with a letter (bronzes) or a letter and number (stoneware explorations).  Click on each image for details.